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Sandvine’s API Gateway Offers a Win-Win-Win for Content Providers, Network Operators, and Subscribers

How TWT Takes Business Services to the Next Level

The new window into your network intelligence: Sandvine’s Deep Insights

YouTube Rules Mobile: 2019 Mobile Internet Phenomena Report Released

Mobile Internet Phenomena: Application Engagement

Mobile Internet Phenomena: The mobile gaming crown goes to....

TikTok: Here comes a Mobile Internet Phenomena Report!

It’s 3 a.m. Do You Know What Your Network Is Doing? A Counterintelligence Use Case to Monitor Your Network

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Video Piracy in North America

Global Internet Phenomena: Worldwide and Regional Total Internet Traffic Share - Video and File Sharing are tops!

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: Encrypted traffic dominates the internet

Global Internet Phenomena Report: Netflix is approximately 15 per cent of worldwide downstream traffic

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: Peloton Connected Fitness

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: Tesla Connected Cars

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: Alexa vs. Siri

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: File sharing on the internet reverses a downward trend

Global Internet Phenomena Preview: PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live

Global Internet Phenomena Report Preview: Crashlytics

Global Internet Phenomena Report Preview: Ookla Speedtest

Global Internet Phenomena: TLS 1.3 Adoption — Facebook Leads the Way

Global Internet Phenomena: World Cup Piracy Snapshot

99 Problems but a Switch Ain't One

Exploring 5G Network Intelligence Requirements: Disruptive Mobile Analytics with Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence

Global Internet Phenomena: World Cup 2018 impact on European mobile networks

Truth in Advertising: What Regulators are “Up To” in the UK

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Video Piracy in Canada

A Repeated Success - Sandvine at the ETSI NFV PlugTest

Contrails Through the Cloud: A Path to Automation Emerges

Super Dip IV: Super Bowl Brings Traffic Decline

Active Network Intelligence: A Primer

OSM - taken for a spin

Sandvine leads the way for ETSI NFV MANO Implementations

Subscriber Data is Beginning to Pay Off

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Subscription Television Piracy

The Coming Wave of Network Automation

New Ways to Stop IoT-based Attacks

Mayweather vs. McGregor: A Technical Knockout for TV Pirates

An OTT Voice Bypass Fraud Update

Change the Data Conversation

Making Moves in Service Provider Compliance

Orchestrating the Network of Tomorrow - Today

The paradigm shift of Policy in 5G & IoT

The Road to “Cloud Native”

The growing importance of WiFi: A view from the Wireless Global Congress

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: The "Fully-Loaded" Kodi Ecosystem

The Encryption Tipping Point in North America

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Zero-Rating Fraud

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: OTT Voice Bypass Fraud

What’s the ROI on “Things”?

IoT Analytics Corner: Fitbit and Nest Trends

Five Steps to Success with Zero Rating

Sandvine Plugs into ETSI's Plugtests

Mobile World Congress 2017: Pre-event Trends and  Predictions

Super Bowl LI: Super Dip with a Vengeance

EANTC's Scalability and Functionality Testing Report on Sandvine's Virtualized Traffic Steering Engine and Policy Traffic Switch

Top Blogs of 2016 - A retrospective

Sandvine's TDF: Another Industry First

MLS shows the Future of Sports Broadcast - Virtual Reality

Sandvine Hacking at IETF97 in Seoul

US Election 2016: TV Trumps the Internet

Global Internet Phenomena Report: Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East


Network Virtualization, Alive and Gaining Steam

Service Innovation’s British Invasion

Pokemon Go and your Network

Is Pokemon Go already declining?

"Inside the Connected Home" - A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight

Rio 2016: The Race for the App Gold Medal – Swimming Edition

Rio 2016 Football Final and Closing Ceremonies: Facebook wins the Overall App Gold

Rio 2016: The Streaming Devices

Rio 2016: Twitch Wins Sports Streaming Gold, Olympics Win Silver

Facebook wins the social networking gold medal at Rio 2016 Opening Ceremonies

Pokemon Go, the new Olympic hero!

Pokemon Go! Subscriber engagement expands despite DDOS attacks

Pokemon Go: The latest Internet craze – How is it impacting your network?

Netflix Download Service – What it means for consumers and broadband operators (and how Netflix can help operators)

weex Offers Service Innovation to Millennials in Mexico with I-New and Sandvine

Global Internet Phenomena Report 2016: Latin America & North America

My Oh My – How far WiFi has come….

Zero Rating for Improved Customer Experience: A Real-Life Customer Example

European Union BEREC Network Neutrality Draft: What does it mean for Operators?

[Video Blog] Interview - Trends Recap from TMForum Live! 2016

Award Winning Policy Control at 30,000 Feet

FCC Broadband Labeling Initiative: Exceeding the requirements for your subscribers

Encrypted Traffic In 2016 - A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight

Rocket League: The Effect of Latency in Real-Time Gaming

Traffic Spotlight: Winter Storm Jonas

2016 and Beyond: A Look ahead….

Carrier Network Virtualization (CNV) 2015

Star Wars Battlefront storms the Internet

Global Internet Phenomena Report: Africa, Middle East & North America

Giving Thanks on #GivingTuesday

AfricaCom 2015: The Forefront Of NFV Adoption

Decorate your Data: Structuring data to make it actionable in Real-Time

T-Mobile’s BingeOn: Big Data Science in Action

Investment ROI - Who’s keeping Score? [Webinar Slides]

Yahoo’s NFL Streaming Experiment

Partners, PoCs, and Precipitation: A review of SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

SCTE 2015: Subscriber Experience and Big Data

ALDS Game 5: Bat Flips & Canadian Traffic Dips

Will Quality of Experience Measurement change in a virtualized world? Find out in this Webinar with Light Reading

Canada Twitches, Steams, Streams and Snaps

Global Internet Phenomena Report: Asia-Pacific and Europe

CTIA: Three things you need to know about Mobile: “Video, Video, and Video”

FIFA 16 - The Beautiful Game?

Everybody Loves ScoreCard!

Procera’s ‪ScoreCard shortlisted for the Awards ‬‬‬

Video Quality in a Fixed Network – A ScoreCard video use case

Congestion in a Mobile Network – A ScoreCard video use case

Peak Hour Subscriber Experience – A ScoreCard video use case

Video: Mobile Subscriber Experience Result

Twitch’s Record Setting Weekend

Our new Robot Overlords: A view from the Intel Developer Forum

Windows 10 Did Not Break The Internet.

Digital Delivery of Windows 10 Spikes Downloads on Broadband Networks

Congestion Management with Procera's ScoreCard

You can’t Manage Congestion without Scorecard

Impact of Network Quality on Web Surfing

Sandvine in the Skies

Subscriber Experience at DreamHack 2015

World Cup: Global, Local, Mobile in Brazil

Steam Gaining Steam

The Next BIG Thing

Network Neutrality: It is all about the Subscriber, right?

Why Procera Created ScoreCard

Global Internet Phenomena Report: Latin America & North America

Subscriber Experience Interview with our Lucky Survey Winner, Alex Ball!

Procera's Strategic Shift to NFV

[InfoGraphic] Results: Procera Networks’ Mobile Subscriber Experience Survey

Location is a Winner!

LTE, WiFi, and NFV - New BFFs?

A Little Revolution is Good Every Now and Then

ETSI NFV Proof of Concept #32 at NFV World Congress

Netflix, Friend or Foe?

It’s Popcorn Time…Or is it?

Procera and Napatech - Working Together To Deliver Great Customer Solutions

Meeting a Demand for Developers

Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Encrypted Internet Traffic

A Great Service Drives Loyalty

RSA 2015 – Where the World Talks Security

Sunday Night Streams - How Did HBO NOW Fare?

NAVL 4.3 - Exceeding Industry DPI Performance Standards

Asking the Right Questions to Get What You Want out of NFV

Key wins for Enhancing Subscriber Experience

It’s now available: Procera’s Mobile Subscriber Experience for Dummies book!

IGEday: Empowering Girls in Tech

Your Marketing Team Deserves PacketLogic!

Teaching the Next Generation of Software Engineers

MWC 2015: NFV in the spotlight

Three Thoughts from Mobile World Congress

House of Cards Season 3 Premiere Weekend

Industry changing NFV solutions at Mobile World Congress

Mobile Subscriber Experience for Dummies – Table of Contents Peek

Making NFV Real

Enhance your Subscriber Experience with Procera at MWC

First chapter sneak peek – Mobile Subscriber Experience for Dummies

Procera is proud to support Safer Internet Day – February 10th, 2015

Snowpocalypse Now: Streaming Video in the Winter of my Discontent

Sandvine’s Customers Continue to Innovate

Next Gen Data Services with Procera

Gazing into the Silicon Ball: 2015 Trends and Predictions

Expected Trends for 2015: Customer Experience Management at the forefront of mobile operators' competitive strategies in 2015

Tales of Customer Centricity

Video: Which elements of carrier networks should be virtualized first?

Carrier Network Virtualization San Jose: US Carriers jump on the bandwagon

Procera and the Hour of Code

Bakutel 2014 – LTE with Procera in the drivers seat

Expanding the Procera Culture at DreamHack

Video: Customer Testimonial Xirrus

Procera Networks Launches New PacketLogic 9420 Platform

Challenges and Solutions for African operators – AfricaCom 2014

ISP Summit 2014 - User Experience, Traffic Management

Student Experience With Procera

Procera <3 Students

Procera Networks Launches New PacketLogic 7340 Appliance in Brazil

Measuring Customer's Experience of Streaming Video Delivery

Wispapalooza 2014

Futurecom 2014

Why is Procera Networks an awesome workplace?

NFV: Ready or Not – Here it comes!

Congestion management – As easy as 1, 2, 3…

Interop New York

Maximizing QoE to the Home: SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 14 report

18th Nordic and Baltic Telecoms Executive Forum

Apple’s Flash Mob: IOS 8 Update Resembles DDOS Attack for operators

Connected Devices, Connected Society

NFV Performance – Tackling the “Big Rocks” first

Computer Networking Jobs and More Available at Procera Networks

Apple Launch “Time”: iPhones, Mobile Pay, VoLTE, VoWiFi, and Watches

XON Summit 2014

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD): Why DPI Is Essential

Black Hat 2014

Video: Why is Location Awareness Important for Mobile Operators?

What can RAN Perspectives be used for?

From the Handset to the Internet: Enhancing the Subscriber Experience

Faster than Ever - Procera’s PL20000 First to Hit 600 Gbps in a Single Chassis

metabridge 2014

The Role of Deep Packet Inspection in Firewall and Universal Threat Management (UTM) Applications

VIDEO: Watching the World Cup - What's Next?

Procera <3 DreamHack

VIDEO: World Cup Streaming Impact on World Wide Traffic

VIDEO: World Cup 2014 Network Challenges

There is no "I" in Team – what we saw at the recent Network Virtualization & SDN World show

Network Functions Virtualization and Deep Packet Inspection: Beyond the Mystery

The Litmus Test for NFV Success

LTE MENA: Customer Experience is Key

Deep Packet Inspection and Information Management Systems - The Latest in the SIM/SIEM Evolution

Interop 2014

Technology Collapse and Secure Web Gateways

Openet and Procera at MWC 2014

Competitive Carrier Association (CCA), San Antonio

March Madness: Making strides online, but users still prefer large screen experience

Procera at RSA 2014

Virtualizing Mobile World Congress

Do Your Job

Skyfire and Procera: Combining IPE and Mobile Video Optimization Platforms, With Benefit for All

House of Cards: Binge watching in High Definition

Procera is proud to be a part of Introduce a Girl To Engineering Day (IGEday) February 20th

House of Cards delivers a Royal Flush: First Look

Sochi Olympics Streaming: The View from Sochi

Animal Farm 8

Procera Networks supports Safer Internet Day

Sochi Olympics 2014: Opening Ceremonies Streaming fizzles...

Application Identification: A Buy Decision

Wireless Symposium & WiExpo

Virtualizing the Carrier Network: #CNV2013 event

"You're all too rich"

Panel Discussion: Monetizing the Policy Control and Charging Opportunity

The London Experience - BBTM UK

It's All About the Experience at AfricaCom

Playstation 4 Launch: 24 Hours of Playtime

Trending now on broadband networks….

Huffington Post: Netflix binging during US Government Shutdown

Tune up the Orchestra - NFV begins to get real!

Google Outage: Did the Internet Really Go Away last Friday?

Virtualization Meets Internet Intelligence

Internet Hide And Seek…Are Consumers Reacting to Privacy Concerns?

Rainy with a Chance of Cloud – Procera at QUESTnet 2013

What’s App in APAC?

An Integrated Approach to Market-proven Mobile Operator Services

Arrested Development Netflix Launch: Frozen Bananas and Ostriches for All

Anatomy of an #ArrestedDevelopment #BingeWatch: One Broadband Home and a Lazy Sunday

The Rise of Tumblr: A Major Force in Internet Traffic Generation

Real-Time Analytics? Who needs it? (Hint: Ask your Network Staff)

PSY makes the Internet a bit more “Gentleman-ly”

Full House of Cards: Netflix New Online Series Analytics

MWC 2013: Who needs Apps? Firefox OS and Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence – A New Frontier for DPI



Procera in Motion: 2013 Sales Meeting PocketLogic Analytics

Intelligence Everywhere: Innovation Acceleration

See More, Do More in Real Time…at Mobile World Congress 2013

Top Ten Wireless Internet Service Provider Mesa Networks to Deploy Procera Networks' PacketLogic Traffic Management System