Introducing Sandvine's Installation Engine

SIE is an automation tool that simplifies the deployment of Sandvine's disruptive App QoE technology and solutions. Along with a one-click installation process, you can have full confidence that your solution is ready to go with built in, automated acceptance tests.

It's never been easier to install a Sandvine solution. Now, with a single click our customers can install Sandvine's system. From ActiveLogic, to the industry's best classification engine AppLogic, to its contextualize management, and data storage. All within hours in a single software package.

Customers can now purchase their hardware directly from Sandvine's trusted partner for custom higher power appliances, or purchase from their prefered retail COTS providers, and/or use a private or public cloud provider. Sandvine provides sofware licenses for the end to end solution, packaged in a simple and flexible way based on the processed bandwidth in Gbps. Customers and Partners order Sandvine sofware, bring their own hardware, and then deploy the end to end solution and prefered use cases based on the business problems they are trying to solve.