Why does Sandvine do the Internet Phenomena Report?

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Why does Sandvine do the Internet Phenomena Report? Watch the latest Ask Sandvine video featuring Cam Cullen
 to find out.

About Sandvine

We are the leading authority on the internet phenomena dominating global networks. 


We combine our heritage of real-time, DPI-based data granularity and the industry’s most accurate classification – what, who, and how network traffic is being consumed – with outcome-based use cases. Our solutions help operators deal with today’s biggest opportunity areas: Video, Gaming, and Social Sharing, from an integrated, single pane of glass via our Active Network Intelligence Portal. 


Sandvine has been trusted for over 20 years by large scale telco networks and relied on as the ‘internal engine’ for intelligent policy/traffic control and subscriber quality of experience.

Leading Topics of Interest
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Active Network Intelligence Use Cases for Network Operators
Sandvine's solutions make networks more efficient, enable service differentiation, rationalize disparate data sources, and increase profit margins.
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Avoiding the Stall
An Operator’s Guide to Video QoE. How to cope with the next wave of video hitting networks in 2020.
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2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report
The 2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine is here!

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