Insights Workflows

Sandvine’s Insights solution enables you to see the What, When, Where, Who, and Why behind network problems, and more importantly, how those problems are impacting your customers’ experience, and what you can do to resolve those problems in real time.

Beyond monitoring and troubleshooting, Insights can help you more effectively optimize your network resources and more precisely plan your network build outs so that you can put your infrastructure investments where they’ll do the most good.


Executive Insights

By using Sandvine’s Executive Insights solution, CxOs can see the total network’s App QoE performance to discover when and where QoE deficiencies are impacting customer satisfaction. This information enables more precise investment and optimization decisions based on customer application usage trends and patterns.

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Operations Insights

Sandvine Operations Insights provides guided service assurance and troubleshooting workflows for real-time detection of application quality changes, including pin-point accuracy of where and why service quality is suffering. With Operations Insights, operators can act quickly to resolve network problems before they become customer problems.

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Planning Insights

Unlike traditional capacity planning, which is based simply on bandwidth utilization, Sandvine Planning Insights uses App QoE-driven, automated closed-loop analysis to continually assesses network utilization based on the actual customer experience. Knowing why congestion is occurring enables specific optimization strategies that can help eliminate unnecessary capital expenditures.

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