Accelerate Global Digital Services

Interconnect and hub service providers are creating a new global communications model for digital, 5G, cloud and edge computing services. They are expanding their offers to include virtual network and cloud services, global Internet of Things connectivity, and advanced IP and wholesale services to their service providers and enterprise customers.


Deliver World-Class Customer Experiences

Sandvine’s application and network intelligence portfolio provides the rapid data and traffic exchange that interconnection and hub service providers demand, as network and cloud usage grow exponentially.

Our machine learning-enhanced traffic classification, network performance and capacity management, service assurance,and contextual insights help:

  • Connect more interconnect partners
  • Monitor different peering links and related application performance
  • Direct traffic between endpoints
  • Analyze cyber threats and monitor harmful traffic
  • Take optimal in-line or off-line actions
  • Manage costs

ANI Portal
Provides a single pane of glass to build, manage, and optimize your networks


Featured use cases

Cyber Threat Analysis and Management
Identify, quantify, and protect subscriber QoE from cyber threats
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Fair Usage and Congestion Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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Video Streaming Management
Manage video bandwidth resolutions and deliver consistent streaming experiences
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Interconnect Bypass Fraud
Protect revenue against fraudulent voice services
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Analytics Products
Sandvine's Insights Product Family aggregates the intelligence collected from your entire network and visualizes it based on the use case deployed on your network.
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Data Plane Products
Sandvine’s ActiveLogic equips operators with a simplified, hyperscale, automation-ready data plane to tackle the next era of network challenges.
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Control Plane Products
Next generation control plane for automated networks.
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Sandvine’s iQ platform allows operators to take advantage of the benefits of moving through the phases of their cloud journey without sacrificing performance.
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Wholesale and Peering Link Management
Peering for Profit: Reducing the cost of your peering connections while improving quality of experience
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TCP Optimization
A discussion of how TCP’s deficiencies are undermining the ability of today’s largest networks to perform better and deliver higher quality services
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Network Traffic Webinar
Meet traffic surge head on and learn actions that can be taken today to turn the tide against the onslaught in network traffic growth
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