Active Network Intelligence

The internet is changing on a daily basis. Network operators are struggling to keep up with changes on three critical fronts:


Maintaining accurate visibility of what actual traffic is on their network

Encryption renders most existing data collection methods ineffective. As the internet continues to go dark, a new approach is needed to maintain a high-level of network intelligence, but also to ensure accurate charging and sustained profitability for highly valuable services, especially zero-rating.


Understanding contextual performance between subscribers, their devices, and the services they consume

Running a profitable network requires a deep understanding of how critical services, such as video, gaming, and social sharing, are performing. However, most operators lack the context and the associated key performance indicators needed to truly determine quality of experience (QoE).


Scaling to meet performance and volumetric requirements

As video shifts to HD and 4K streaming, and cloud gaming begins to gain traction, bandwidth usage will explode from existing users with little to no additional ARPU. Meeting this challenge on the data plane requires a hyperscale software solution optimized to run on COTS hardware, whether bare metal, virtual, or cloud.



Sandvine’s comprehensive suite of DPI-based network intelligence solutions and pre-packaged, outcome-based use cases ensure operators can achieve differentiation and maximize ROI for CAPEX and OPEX. Sandvine is deployed in 100+ countries, serving over 2.5 billion subscribers by over 500 of the largest and most innovative network operators in the world.


These operators choose Sandvine on a daily basis for the following reasons:


Global Internet Authority 
The leading authority on the continuously evolving internet phenomena dominating global networks

Phenomena-Based Solutions 
Combines unparalleled application visibility with contextual awareness to deliver complete and comprehensive solutions in key internet phenomena areas: Video, Gaming, Social Sharing, and IOT

Best Network Data for Intelligence-Based Decisions 
Real-time, high-definition granularity with the industry’s most accurate classification of: what, who, and how network traffic is being consumed

Visualized Value/Single Pane of Glass 
The Active Network Intelligence (ANI)  Portal is the visualization of the breadth and depth of Sandvine’s contextual data, including a set of unique QoE scoring metrics on network traffic

Proven Leadership for Inline Actions 
Trusted for over 20 years in large scale telco networks as the ‘internal engine’ for intelligent policy for traffic control and mitigation

Analytics-Driven Automation 
Automation-based use cases drive decisions and actions in a closed-loop cycle, and deliver operational savings and improved network efficiency to solve current and future network problems