About Sandvine

Sandvine helps organizations engineer and operate world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence. By leveraging Sandvine’s machine learning analytics and closed-loop automation, operators can identify and adapt network behavior in real-time. With Sandvine, organizations have the power of an automated platform from a single vendor that delivers a deeper understanding of their network data to drive faster, and more informed decision-making.

Our Philosophy: Data visibility and accuracy are our core building blocks for delivering value to our Customers. Network operators are under profitability pressure and must make the right business decisions, and our data provides the right context to make the right investments to improve profitability.

Our Foundation: Sandvine's aspirational goal of delivering “0%” unknown traffic is key to our differentiation in the market and reflects our approach to continuous improvement. We provide more frequent signature updates and have superior methods to classifying encrypted traffic that result in a more granular and accurate view of network traffic than any other vendor.

Our Vision: We provide the broadest solution area breadth and use case depth to help our customers maximize value from their Sandvine deployments by exponentially changing the economics of their network. 

Why innovative customers choose Sandvine: We have a collection of some of the most innovative customers around the world. They choose Sandvine because we deliver four distinct advantages for their networks and staff:

See with Clearer Eyes
Without high-quality data that you can trust, it's impossible to make informed decisions about your network. Sitting in-line on the network, the Sandvine platform provides deep data granularity so that customers see everything, in real-time. Full contextual awareness means that user, service, application, and device data are all correlated and made actionable. Sandvine truly understands network traffic by leveraging heuristics, behavioral correlation, and machine learning.
Act Smarter Every Day
At Sandvine, we understand that success hinges on the ability for organizations to run at the speed of their customers' businesses. Your team needs to be able to make faster, smarter decisions that continually get better over time. With the power of the Sandvine Policy Engine, organizations can link any condition to any action to make decisions in real-time. Intuitive visualization capabilities drive actionable business insights, while machine learning continually optimizes policies based on user behavior.
Handle the Unexpected
In today's constantly evolving technology environment, you need a highly versatile architecture that can identify and adapt immediately to changing market conditions and opportunities. Sandvine gives organizations the fine-grained control by more easily allocating each application, user, service, and device the resources it needs, on-demand. We work with the network you have – whether virtual, physical, cloud, elastic, in-line, network edge, or data center core – so you don’t need to rearchitect to gain tangible value. Our solutions also scale up or down to match the size of your user base and network volume to maximize cost efficiency.
Drive New Economics
Running today's network is challenging. With network complexity growing and operating budgets flat, networks are not able to meet user expectations for quality of service and quality of experience. Sandvine closes this economic gap, delivering dramatically higher performance by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence analytics, automation, and cloud deployments. Our customers report new revenue streams, faster time to market with new plans and services, a better overall network user experience, and higher profitability.

Trusted global partner with worldwide customer deployments

  • "Sandvine offers lots of chances and opportunities to explore and share knowledge. This is the best place for those who are keen to learn new things on regular basis."

    Dan in Waterloo, Canada, Corporate Communications.

  • "Our decision to partner with Sandvine was based not only on the company’s international reputation for excellence in the field, but on our similar ethics of constantly introducing innovative solutions and upcoming features like Network Function Virtualisation."

    Saleem Al Balooshi, EVP of Network Development and Operation at du.

  • “Sandvine’s platform is a great fit for our NFV-driven architecture,”

    Derek Peterson, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Boingo Wireless.

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