Introducing Sandvine's AppLogic

With people more and more dependent on internet applications for work, education, and entertainment, ensuring a satisfactory quality of experience is more important than ever for service providers, who find themselves flying blind as the internet continues to go darker on apps.

The 2023 Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report showed that demand for high-volume, high-sensitivity applications like 4K video and social media applications are increasing exponentially. This can significantly impact service provider costs, both capex and opex. As customer dependency and expectations increase, and application visibility due to encryption decreases, service providers can struggle to satisfy demand or risk customer dissatisfaction and even customer churn.

To help service providers improve subscribers’ quality of experience (App QoE) while optimizing existing network investments, Sandvine’s AppLogic identifies, classifies, and categorizes thousands of applications in real time to ensure all content types are delivered with maximum quality, without additional infrastructure.


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AppLogic is the industry’s most precise and accurate hyperscale application classification and categorization engine. By combining advanced machine learning with an ever-growing library of 3500+ applications, AppLogic consistently delivers application classification coverage of 95% or higher.

AppLogic’s application content classification is a new feature that is equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling users to have a view on the activity within any application. This is instrumental to service providers who are trying to trust their new AI/ML prediction and propensity models. 

With more than 122 applications actively tested every day, and 52 updated releases annually, AppLogic ensures the latest internet and application trends are quickly and accurately tracked, analyzed and documented so that user experiences can be optimized across the entire network, and monetized if desired.

With AppLogic, service providers can know precisely what’s happening over their networks in real time and more surgically engineer capacity, manage congestion, and proactively identify and address network and application issues, thereby ensuring every subscriber enjoys the absolute best quality of experience on the network.

App Classification

Sandvine offers three levels of application classification:

  • App Classification – this product provides simple, accurate application classification across the growing landscape of 6M+ internet apps and is the current App Classification for our solutions deployed today.
  • AppLogic Dynamic – this new product and next generation of App Classification enables service providers to classify applications, as well as application content, for a comprehensive view of application traffic and is updated monthly for ease of deployment.
  • AppLogic Precise – this new product provides the same level of detail as AppLogic Dynamic but is updated weekly to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate view possible.