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Cam Cullen - VP of Global Marketing
By Cam Cullen - VP of Global Marketing
September 22, 2017

I wanted to share some thoughts on the just closed combination of Procera and Sandvine, and provide you with what we are going to be doing going forward. Below is content from a document that we are sharing on our Deal Update Page

New Sandvine closing the gap for “closed-loop automation”

The premise behind the creation of new Sandvine is to create a unique Network Intelligence portfolio to help network operators transform their businesses by leveraging in-line closed loop automation to reduce costs while simultaneously delivering better service to their subscribers. Network operators and Enterprises are under huge financial pressure to increase efficiency and profitability while struggling daily with the volumetric growth challenges of video, mobility and IOT on their networks. This pressure is increasing as cloud operators offer alternative services and network virtualization transforms the packet core and investors expect differentiated business models. As a result, data-driven business initiatives are being launched to make smarter decisions on network investments that positively change the business model. These projects require contextual intelligence on subscriber behavior and the effect that new applications, content, and security threats are having on their infrastructure, which requires new levels of heuristics and behavioral analysis from network solutions. Several solutions in the market are improving to provide such visibility and analytics, however, Operators and Enterprises still have not realized much benefit from this. There is still a significant gap that remains in turning this analytics into real time in-line actions that fundamentally resolve subscriber and service issues, while materially reducing OPEX. This inflection point is where Sandvine will be poised to deliver differentiated value.

As communications networks grow increasingly virtualized and cloud delivered, the requirement for sophisticated Network Intelligence continues to grow. Intelligent insights, available today, are only truly valuable if you can follow through with intelligent actions that deliver closed loop automation. Sandvine will be the first company to deliver on that vision for operators, enterprises, and governments.


Major Benefits for Customers with Closed Loop Network Intelligence

The new Sandvine has significant scale with over 200 Tier 1 service providers, including 12 of the top 20 mobile carriers and covering over 1.7 billion subscribers, over 500 enterprise customers, and over 40 OEM partners in nearly 100 countries worldwide. The combination of Procera and Sandvine will deliver significant value for customers:

  • Significantly Increased Scale to Support Customers and Partners– The new Sandvine has deep relationships with many of the world’s largest operators and enterprises. The combined organization has significantly increased scale and resources to expand new product initiatives, offer greater depth of service offerings and provide enhanced support for both our partners and customers.
  • Increased Investment in Product Innovation- The combined business will be accelerating innovation investments in Behavioral Analysis, Automation, and Cloud solutions. Sandvine will have the only ‘closed loop’ capabilities powered by network intelligence, positioning it uniquely to enable its customers to drive OPEX savings with network and workflow transformation.
  • Expanded Breadth of Use Case Capabilities– The combined company offers best-in-class solutions in the Network Intelligence market for Analytics, Policy and Charging Control, Security, Regulatory Compliance, Traffic Management, and Cloud Managed Services. The powerful combination of the two companies adds significant technology synergies that result in over 100 use cases across Sandvine’s solution verticals.
  • Enhanced Offerings to Enable Cloud Managed Services – The combined company will provide channel partners and service provider customers the broadest and most differentiated portfolio of virtual and cloud delivered Network Intelligence solutions. Sandvine’s Cloud Services solution is a unique cloud-based offering that integrates Analytics, Policy Charging and Control, Traffic Management, and Security use cases as a single managed service for enterprise networks.

Sandvine’s Network Intelligence portfolio is unique in helping network operators transform their businesses by leveraging in-line closed loop automation to reduce costs while simultaneously delivering better service to their subscribers.

Let us know how we can help you transform your network.

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