A new era of 5G services

5G is transforming the communications landscape as smart cities, smart vehicles, smart industries, and smart homes change the way people engage, transact, and share information. This places enormous application performance and traffic demands on both mobile consumer and private enterprise networks, and opens up innovative service opportunities.

In addition, with 5G network slicing, a new breed of use cases is taking hold in the areas of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC), and massive IoT (mIoT) which will demand high degrees of application and network performance and scale.

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Maximizing the 5G opportunity

Mobile service providers (MSPs) are investing heavily in service innovation, network scale, and operational efficiency to capture this 5G opportunity. Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence Portfolio and unique, pre-packaged customer use cases can help MSPs optimize their 5G investments and generate new revenues.

Our solutions smooth the transition to 5G, while driving high-quality application experiences with automation and actionable insights. This is all done while supporting multiple deployment models - physical, hybrid, edge, and cloud.

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5G Service Innovation and Intelligence
Sandvine’s Service Innovation and Intelligence Support for Cloud Infrastructure
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5G Service Innovation
  • Personalize services based on subscriber consumption patterns, behaviours and preferences
  • Unlock new 5G services using machine learning-based application classification
  • Improve quality of experience by identifying and classifying traffic in slices and allocating portions of slice traffic to specific users, devices, or consumer applications
  • Detect and prevent security threats and fraud
5G Transition
  • Optimize 4G to 5G rollout and support hybrid core architectures
  • Assure service continuity
  • Understand 5G penetration – subscribers, devices, service usage, location
  • Improve capacity planning based on consumption patterns
5G Automation
  • Apply an enriched Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) with contextual insights for slice analysis, performance management, and predicting and detecting network behaviors
  • Optimize 5G network slice service classes, speed, and latency with predictive network intelligence
  • Allocate network resources to mission-critical applications
  • Dynamically self-optimize, matching current network resources with changing traffic patterns

On Demand Webinar: Operator Survey on 5G Network Slicing – Results and Analysis

Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown joins Sandvine CDO Ambuj Mittal and representatives from Ericsson and Amdocs to explore operators true feelings about 5G Network Slicing and the timing to implement and commercialize it as they look to monetize high-volume 5G and OTT services.

The webinar offers a better understanding of how operators will address the business and operational challenges of 5G network slicing by exploring a range of topics, including:

  • Priority enterprise and consumer use cases
  • Status of network slicing technology development
  • Perceived technical and commercial challenges
  • Commercial partnership models


NF Load Analysis
Enriched NF load data for proactive user QoE protection
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Five Opportunities for 5G Fixed Wireless Access
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5G Service Intelligence Engine
Enriched, 3GPP-compliant NWDAF
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5G Service Innovation and Intelligence
Helping service providers thrive in the 5G era
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Building smarter cities with 5G Service Innovation and Intelligence
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