As the effects of OTT 2.0 – surge in bandwidth-intensive applications and rising consumer quality expectations – threaten the profitability, capacity, and overall efficiency of networks, service providers need end-to-end visibility now more than ever.


Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence (ANI) Portal provides service providers a single pane of glass to build, manage, and optimize their networks. It brings the quality of experience (QoE) lens needed to successfully run phenomena-centric networks, where video, gaming, and social sharing are delivered efficiently and inline with consumer expectations.


The portal visualizes Sandvines’s network intelligence across the entire use case portfolio, aligning each use case with key outcomes, presented clearly demonstrating the value and ROI delivered by Sandvine's deployed solutions. It adds contextual insights to each use case, including unique QoE metrics at the network and user level. These insights are mapped to the workflow of the network owner of the specific use case, ensuring that the actionability of the data is maximized.


With this intelligence, operators can transform their networks and take that critical step towards establishing an agile, automated, phenomena-centric environment.


Active Network Intelligence Portal Screenshot


Active Network Intelligence components