Introducing Sandvine's Hyperscale Data Plane

Sandvine’s ActiveLogic equips service providers with a simplified, hyperscale, automation-ready data plane to tackle the next era of network challenges. With ActiveLogic, service providers have the flexibility, performance, and machine learning-powered traffic classification needed to keep up with internet phenomena.

The data plane product – ActiveLogic – serves as the foundation for all Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence solutions.

Designed for hyperscale performance, ActiveLogic allows service providers to successfully transition to the cloud, regardless of what stage of the journey they are in, without compromising performance or unnecessarily driving up TCO.

ActiveLogic packs a machine-learning punch against the darkening of the internet – encryption – with the ANI Classification Engine, enabling service providers to regain much needed application visibility for quality of experience scoring and management.

By deploying ActiveLogic, service providers can drastically improve network resource management efficiency and profitably tackle the next wave of the internet – OTT 2.0 – with a suite of analytics-driven automation use cases.

ActiveLogic is access agnostic, providing service providers consistency and flexibility for performance, scalability, and functionality. Use cases can be deployed on any access type and combined to support multi-access deployments across mobile, fixed, cable, and satellite.

ActiveLogic Diagram V5

Our ActiveLogic product was recently applauded by Frost & Sullivan for offering a superior level of visibility into application traffic. Learn more about ActiveLogic's recognition in the industry here.

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