Enterprise networks today

are challenged to meet the needs and expectations of a workforce that is increasingly mobile, increasingly remote, and increasingly susceptible to security threats. To properly meet these challenges while keeping connectivity and productivity high, Enterprises need to know what’s taking place on their networks now more than ever.

With Sandvine’s industry-leading application classification, categorization, and security tools, Enterprises can quickly and easily analyze, optimize, and secure their networks, all while ensuring their customers and employees enjoy quality digital experiences from any communication, collaboration, or commerce application.

Enterprise Packages
We’ve made it easier than ever to analyze, optimize, and secure your networks with our pre-built, pre-integrated packages of products.
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Enterprise solutions

Public Sector
Governments are facing unprecedented citizen demand for secure, reliable and automated public services
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Education campuses thrive on open and global research and learning exchanges and collaboration. Intelligent Traffic Management is essential to meet soaring network demands
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High performance financial networks that enable secure, global, and real-time transactions require Intelligent Traffic Management
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The future of retail is digital, personalized, connected and automated. Intelligent Traffic Management is essential as retail digital and physical worlds integrate in new ways
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Fully connected and automated smart factories can learn and adapt to growing operations and production demands with Intelligent Traffic Management
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Transportation & Hospitality
More than any other industry, the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the transportation and hospitality industry
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