Tackling the new increased dependency on fixed networks

As a result of Covid 19, consumer networks have collapsed down to primarily fixed access, with the added pressure of delivering digitized services as part of the video-first economy transformation. Fixed service providers are faced with managing increased traffic volume and increased dependency on high bandwidth services, such as video and gaming, which require an intelligence-based solution.


Remote work, gaming, and entertainment have taken off since March 2020

Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence portfolio of use cases and products provide fixed service providers with the tools for: application visibility (in spite of encryption), surgical traffic management techniques, contextual QoE measurement, and proactive care.

The broadest set of intelligence-based solutions in the industry
OTT 2.0 Management
Manage the surge of the next generation of bandwidth-intensive encrypted applications
Video-First Economy
Manage the new normal where every hour is peak hour and demand for video applications is increasing
Proactive Care
Improve QoE, reduce customer care call volume, and minimize churn

Featured use cases

Video QoE Analysis
Analyze user perception of video performance based on video-centric QoE metrics
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Fair Usage and Congestion Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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Subscriber Service Analysis
Rapidly identify sources of subscriber QoE issues
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Home Network Diagnostics
Proactively diagnose in-home WiFi issues
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Analytics Products
Sandvine's Insights Product Family aggregates the intelligence collected from your entire network and visualizes it based on the use case deployed on your network.
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Data Plane Products
Sandvine’s ActiveLogic equips operators with a simplified, hyperscale, automation-ready data plane to tackle the next era of network challenges.
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Control Plane Products
Next generation control plane for automated networks.
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Sandvine’s iQ platform allows operators to take advantage of the benefits of moving through the phases of their cloud journey without sacrificing performance.
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