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What our customers are saying

OpNet CTO Cosimo Buccella: “In our 5G tender, we felt Sandvine proved more than anyone else that it would help us achieve our short-term goals to monitor and manage KPIs of the RAN with congestion relief on site, as well as get us to our longer-term goals of informing automation efforts and setting the stage for future B2B services and SLA-driven business models.”
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Stijn Eulaerts, VP Product Management Residential & Soho, Telenet: “Better understanding service quality over different devices at different times means we can determine which KPIs are important to decisions about repair and maintenance, as well as flag customers who might be unhappy so we can proactively address any issues and fine tune campaigns to better engage and satisfy them.”
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Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, TELUS: “Our relationship with Sandvine in their application and network intelligence solutions will play an important role in helping us ensure we deliver high-quality experiences and greater security for our customers as 5G, Cloud and Digital business adoption grows in Canada.”
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Krishna Phillipps, Group CTO, Digicel: “Sandvine’s analytics capabilities increase our ability to create innovative plans for our customers and deliver the best application experience possible. Applications in consumer and enterprise settings will become more complex and dynamic, making high-quality application experiences a must for improving customer experience.”
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Jakub Votava, Network Director in O2 Czech Republic: “Our requirements were for a solution that could deliver value across all of our networks and ensure that we deliver a differentiated service with high quality levels, and the visibility that Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence solution offers is unparalleled.”
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Ensuring Exceptional App QoE

Applications are central to everything people and businesses do, making App QoE crucial to how you make your network more efficient, competitive, and profitable. App QoE means understanding what customers are feeling while engaging with applications and content over your network, and letting that insight inform a more surgical approach to how you plan, build, operate, and monetize. With App QoE, you filter all key business decisions through the prism of customer satisfaction, uncovering opportunities you didn’t know existed, and driving efficiencies you didn’t know were possible.


Featured Product: AppLogic

AppLogic is the industry’s most accurate hyperscale Application Classification engine, identifying and categorizing thousands of applications, in real time, so you can deliver an enhanced App QoE to your customers. By quantifying the value you deliver, AppLogic helps you reframe capacity planning and network optimization in the context of actual subscriber usage and application bandwidth behaviors. Its powerful combination of ML-driven Application Classification and Dynamic Content Categorization delivers 95%+ classification coverage and KQI-driven visualization and analysis that will help you personalize, optimize, and monetize your network traffic.



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