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Sandvine's cloudified 5G Application and Network Intelligence Portfolio is designed to ensure that communications service providers can lower their total cost of ownership and get quick access to valuable, real-time 5G data and analytics. It is offered as cloud native network functions (CNFs) and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments for maximum deployment flexibility.

  • First 5G Application and Network Intelligence Portfolio for core, cloud, and edge

  • Most accurate traffic classification - even for encrypted traffic

  • Highly granular contextual data that enables the best actionable insights and closed-loop inline actions

  • Unique out-of-the-box 5G and cloud use cases


5G Service Innovation and Intelligence
Helping service providers thrive in the 5G era
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Accelerate your cloud deployments

Public Cloud
Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms including distributed and regional edge options
Private Cloud
VNFs available on multiple OpenStack based NFV infrastructures
Hybrid Cloud
Deploy CNFs and VNFs in a combination of on-premise infrastructure with public cloud

Cloud native

Sandvine follows the design principles laid out by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for CNFs to deliver the dynamic scaling, resiliency, and high availability required for 5G networks:

  • Compatibility: Sandvine’s CNFs are built as micro-services orchestrated with Kubernetes and support CNI-compatible network plugins

  • Statelessness: Sandvine’s CNFs manage state by decoupling application and data storage logic and are resilient to node failures

  • Security: Sandvine’s CNFs use security and network policy to isolate containers from one another and from the host

  • Scalability: Sandvine’s CNFs support horizontal scaling across multiple machines

  • Observability: Sandvine’s CNFs externalize their internal states in a way that supports metrics, tracing, and logging

  • Installable and Upgradeable: Sandvine’s CNFs use standard, in-band deployment tools such as Helm charts

  • Hardware Resources and Scheduling: Sandvine’s CNF containers use device plugins to access all hardware and schedule to specific worker nodes, depending on hardware capabilities

Cloud Native Functions Graphic

Cloud Portfolio

ActiveLogic PURPLEActiveLogic

Hyperscale data plane for next generation networks producing the ‘best data’ for analytics and closed-loop inline actions

Deep Insights DBLUEDeep Insights

Business analytics visualization platform powered by contextual network and service intelligence

Maestro_MPE GREENMaestro Policy Engine

Next generation control plane for automated networks providing highly contextual data for policy and charging

Elements GREEN V2Elements

Operation and maintenance along with proactive system health monitoring

Insights Data Storage DBLUEInsights Data Storage

Highly scalable network and service intelligence storage module with built-in machine learning and AI models

NWDAFService Intelligence Engine (NWDAF)

Enriched, 3GPP-compliant NWDAF provides closed-loop automation and machine learning for 5G networks


Key benefits of a cloud portfolio

Provides an agile platform to deliver innovative services from ultra-low latency public safety to massive IoT networks
Flexible deployment allows customers to manage and grow services based on demand
Automated and programmable operations across a multi-cloud environment help lower costs

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