Drive innovation with real-time insights

Global service providers are looking for ways to generate a higher return on network investments. Sandvine can help by providing visibility and actionable insights into subscriber usage and application quality of experience, services, and network performance.

Sandvine’s solutions and pre-packaged use cases, powered by machine learning, can help service providers grow revenues by delivering new services for smart homes, smart vehicles, smart cities and smart industries.

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Take immediate action with Application and Network Intelligence

Cloud and 5G are transforming the industry and introducing new challenges that require an advanced service and Application and Network Intelligence layer to unlock new business opportunities.

Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence (ANI) Portal provides service providers with a single pane of glass to analyze, optimize, and monetize applications and networks. This helps improve quality of experience, manage congestion, and detect and prevent fraud and security breaches. Over 200 major mobile, fixed, cable and satellite service providers and 500 customers continue to invest in our multi-access ANI solutions to serve over 2.5 billion network users globally.

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Our use cases smooth the transition to 5G, while driving service innovation with automation and actionable insights. This is all done while supporting multiple deployment models - physical, hybrid and cloud

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Our industry leading machine learning-based classification and actionable insights provide the data you need to transform your network and deliver high-quality 5G and cloud application experiences

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Our intelligence use cases manage larger traffic volumes and deliver innovative services, such as video, remote conferencing, and gaming

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Our use cases classify and manage encrypted traffic with surgical precision, and deliver personalized services with proactive customer care

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Our advanced traffic classification capabilities utilize the most accurate data to reduce costs, and optimize service and network performance

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Our machine learning-enhanced traffic classification delivers the performance required to seamlessly scale, connect customers, and launch new services

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