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Global Internet Phenomena Report

Latest Internet and Subscriber Trends at Your Fingertips

The Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report shines a light on fixed and mobile networks around the world, providing unparalleled insight into Internet trends and subscriber behavior patterns unravelling on networks globally.

As a recognized expert in consumer traffic, Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report has been a trusted source for Internet traffic trends for over 10 years. By identifying network facts, fads, and future trends, the Global Internet Phenomena Report helps industry experts and service providers around the world forecast the evolution of network traffic and the future of the Internet as we know it.

What Are the Latest Internet Trends?

  • Netflix continues to dominate North American networks accounting for 34.9% of downstream traffic in peak evening hours. Interestingly in Australia, where Netflix isn’t even available yet, approximately 2.5% of subscribers are accessing Netflix, which now comprises 4% of downstream traffic.
  • Amazon Instant Video is now the second largest paid streaming video service in North America, accounting for 2.6% of downstream traffic. Service is growing, as its share of traffic more than doubled in the last 18 months.
  • HBO GO, which accounts for just 1% of downstream traffic in the US, deserves a notable mention. The service is one to keep an eye on, as it plans to start offering a standalone streaming service in the US.
  • In Latin America, World Cup streaming on some mobile networks accounted for just 10% of traffic, signaling consumers still prefer to view major sporting events on television. Mobile devices are used as a backup.
  • Facebook’s introduction of video autoplay saw average subscriber usage increase by as much as 60% on mobile networks and over 200% on fixed networks in the past year
  • As a percentage of traffic, Filesharing traffic continues to decline globally in almost all regions except Asia-Pacific, where it still accounts for more than 33% of total traffic
  • Apple’s iOS 8 launch in September saw the software update account for over 12% of peak period traffic on one Middle Eastern fixed access network


Global Insight Twice a Year

Published twice a year, the Global Internet Phenomena Reports examines a representative cross-section of the world’s leading fixed and mobile data providers using real-life, subscriber-anonymous network data to provide unparalleled insight into the happenings on consumer data networks. With each publication, the report is read by communications service providers, regulatory agencies, media outlets, technology companies, financial analysts, and research institutions worldwide to help them better understand the trends impacting modern broadband networks.

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UPDATED : 2015-01-06 14:05:57