Sandvine Fair Usage and Congestion Management

Networks are shared resources, and when too many people are using one network at the same time, it gets congested and slows down for all users.

Congestion is a major problem for all networks. It occurs when the demand for network resources exceeds the available capacity.

This can happen during peak traffic times, such as during sporting events or when new applications are released.

Sandvine's Fair Usage and Congestion Management (FUCM) software module is a solution that helps service providers manage the way that traffic is used on the network by prioritizing certain types of traffic, such as video streaming or gaming, and avoiding network congestion, all the while complying to regulatory standards such as GDPR and net neutrality.


With Fair Usage and Congestion Management, you can ensure that all users have fair access
to network resources, improving the quality of experience (QoE) for all users.

  • Reduce CapEX
  • Improve subscriber QoE
  • Offer differentiated, tiered service plans

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