Sandvine Interconnect Bypass Fraud Management

OTT VoIP fraud is a steady issue. It is increasingly popular worldwide, and deregulation is making it easier for fraudsters to bypass traditional fraud management tools. SIMbox fraud and newer OTT apps are now using VoIP technology to bypass traditional voice routing and impact revenue.

Traditional fraud management systems focus on mobile-to-mobile, landline-to-landline, and interconnect fraud. However, fraudsters are using new technologies to bypass these traditional methods. Going forward, traditional methods of fraud management are not enough. Service providers need to adopt new fraud management tools that can detect and prevent OTT VoIP fraud.

Sandvine's Interconnect Bypass Fraud software module is a powerful solution that helps service providers:

  • Protect revenue against fraudulent voice services
  • Identify and block unauthorized OTT VoIP traffic
  • Detect and mitigate SIMbox fraud
  • Comply with telecom regulations


With Interconnect Bypass Fraud Management, you can:

  • Comprehensive protection against voice-related fraud: Provides comprehensive protection against voice-related fraud, including OTT VoIP fraud and SIMbox fraud
  • Accurate traffic classification: Sandvine's ANI Classification Engine provides the most accurate classification of all traffic, even when encrypted or polymorphic
  • Real-time fraud detection: Detects fraud in real time, allowing service providers to take immediate action
  • Flexible mitigation options: Provides service providers with a variety of flexible mitigation options, including blocking, rejecting, and monitoring fraudulent traffic
  • Compliance with telecom regulations: Helps service providers to comply with telecom regulations related to fraud prevention

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