Sandvine Cyber Threat Analysis and Management

Cyber threats continue to evolve and rise in frequency. This makes it challenging for service providers to protect the network from malicious and organized cyber criminals. More and more devices connecting on the network (M2M and IOT), means more potential entry points for threats to occur.

Cybersecurity teams are aware of attacks, but lack visibility into the attack surface. This means that even though cybersecurity teams may be aware that an attack is happening, they may not know which hosts or locations are involved. This is because most security solutions lack the necessary network visibility and contextual awareness to track and identify all of the assets that are connected to a network.

This is a major challenge for security professionals, as it makes it difficult to respond to attacks and mitigate their damage. To address this challenge, security teams need to invest in solutions that provide better network visibility and contextual awareness.

Here are some specific ways to improve on these:

  • Use network traffic analysis tools to monitor all traffic on the network
  • Implement security information and event management (SIEM) systems to collect and correlate security logs from across the network
  • Use threat intelligence feeds to stay up-to-date on the latest threats
  • Train employees on how to identify and report suspicious activity

By taking these steps, security teams can improve their visibility into the attack surface and respond to attacks more effectively.

Sandvine's Cyber Threat Analysis and Management (CTAM) software module allows service providers to manage the security challenges and maintain high network QoE, while providing comprehensive analytics and real-time protection to cyber threats respectively. 


There are many benefits to using Cyber Threat Analysis and Management:

  • Detection and classification of threats
  • Malware classification
  • Threat location mapping
  • Top threats
  • Threat trend dashboards
  • Impacted subscriber dashboards

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