Sandvine Subscriber Service Analysis

From an operator's perspective, the need for an application-centric view has become paramount. Network operators today have a limited view of the Quality of Experience a subscriber or group of subscribers are receiving. This is an imperative factor to understand and moreover predict churn.

To meet consumer standards, operators monitor network performance quality. However, their current efforts rely on traditional network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This data provides only a limited view of QoE. As it is, this data does not reflect potential churn indicators.

Sandvine’s Subscriber Service Analysis (SSA) software module and its rich data allow a service provider to conduct troubleshooting investigations for subscriber-related problems.


Subscriber experience overall is quantified and measured by the following:

  • Network KPIs - throughput, latency, Packet loss, and RTT
  • Last mile KPIs - indicators specific to the access network
  • Device KPIs - device types, screen resolution, performance and known bugs in the device

Sandvine's Subscriber Service Analysis Use Case and its rich data provide insights into cross sections of the subscriber base to highlight correlations. This answers key RCA questions, like:

  • Why is QoE poor for a particular set of subscribers within the plan?
  • Are particular devices performing updates that deteriorate the overall experience?

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