Sandvine Home Network Diagnostics

All consumer devices invariably connect to home Wi-Fi networks. As high-bandwidth applications continue to dominate regardless of the subsequent impact they have on the network, consumers expect a high degree of user experience. As home networks get more complex with an increase of connected devices, most consumers are unable to troubleshoot their home Wi-Fi network issues.

The complexity involves multiple devices, Wi-Fi routers/extenders, screens, the context regarding spectrums and coverage. What’s worse, they intuitively believe that service providers are responsible for delivering great user experience. Service providers then have to pay for the issues raised by the consumer since remote troubleshooting is not straightforward.

Some of the ways it costs operators are through:

1) Unnecessary Truck Rolls
2) Missed upsell opportunities
3) Increased Load on support centers

Sandvine’s Home Network Diagnostics (HND) software module allows fixed service providers to troubleshoot on premise issues via a unique network intelligence method.


Home Network Diagnostics enables:

  • Easy Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reducing truck rolls
  • The ability to have proactive care initiates such as outreach programs
  • The upsell of Wi-Fi range extenders or other bundled services
  • A reduction in customer care calls

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