Sandvine Video QoE Analysis

Consumers evaluate network performance based on how they perceive the quality of their video experience. With more than half of the world's traffic being video, operators need to understand how well it is performing, especially for the top applications that consumers care about.

Video accounts for more than 65% of total global internet traffic (according to the most recent Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report) and poor video quality is the most visible and common symptom of a service provider’s failure to deliver network quality to consumers.

Sandvine’s Video QoE Analysis (VQOEA) software module looks at streaming video: social, live, and video-on-demand, while analyzing peak and off-peak video streaming.

It enables service providers to measure the key video QoE metrics and KPIs for video applications and services that are driving the purchase of higher value service plans in their network.


Sandvine’s Video QoE KPIs are measured, and scores are calculated per:

  • Subscriber
  • Application
  • Location
  • Device

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