Sandvine Gaming QoE Analysis

Gaming continues to rise in popularity, and service providers need to know how to address the different complexities that each online gaming platform offers.

In today’s world, there are three types of gaming traffic categories that exist on the service provider’s networks:

  • Downloads – games that are downloaded or updated
  • Online/Interactive Games – running part of the game’s software online
  • Cloud Gaming – entirely online but controlled from home

Each of these categories have their own network requirements. While online gaming in general is highly sensitive to congestion, it depends on the category type what key metrics of throughput, latency, packet loss and jitter are required. Unfortunately, service providers don’t have this level of visibility and their engineering teams are unable to optimally predict or address problems.

Sandvine’s Gaming QoE Analysis (GQOEA) software module enables service providers to measure the right gaming QoE metrics and KPIs for specific gaming applications, and closely monitor, report, and analyze gaming traffic to understand performance trends.


By deploying Sandvine’s Gaming QoE Analysis use case, service providers take advantage
of critical gaming insight to deliver a better gaming experience in the following areas:

  • QoE
  • Devices
  • Usage
  • Services

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