Sandvine Intent-Based Congestion Management

Network congestion can make things like video streaming and gaming slow and frustrating, leading to poor Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers, and eventually customer churn. It can happen during concerts, sporting events, at airports, rush hour, or during unexpected moments where footfall traffic increases.

Traditional congestion management solutions are often static and require manual configuration. This can be time-consuming and error-prone. You need a new approach.

Sandvine's Intent-Based Congestion Management (IBCM) software module is a new, more proactive way to manage congestion. It uses machine learning to identify, predict and respond to congestion in real-time, ensuring that users always have the best possible QoE, even when there's a lot of traffic on the network.


With IBCM, you can:

  • Reduce CapEX
  • Improve QoE for video and other high-priority services
  • Reduce customer support calls and churn
  • Gain service differentiation through unique offerings

2023 IBCM Webpage Graphic V2

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