With Internet Phenomena – Video, Gaming, and Social Sharing – dominating networks, operators need to evolve from a network-centric view to one that prioritizes services and, therefore, user experience. At the same time, network operators are losing visibility as the internet continues to go dark with encryption, making it challenging to identify, classify, and measure the quality of experience (QoE) of applications.


Sandvine's Analytics solution leverages machine learning-powered traffic classification and unique QoE KPIs to provide network operators with unmatched visibility into their network – even for encrypted traffic. When operators have the right data in the right context, they are empowered to make decisions based on proven intelligence to maximize ROI and average revenue per user.

Sandvine takes the guesswork out of network intelligence, providing operators with real-time KPI monitoring, interactive dashboards via the Active Network Intelligence Portal, and advanced machine learning for identifying trends.

Use Cases

Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis
Monitor network performance and quality indicators
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Subscriber Service Analysis
Analyze subscribers and services to detect new trends
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Capacity Planning Analysis
Plan capacity expansion, coverage extension, and CDN investments
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Video QoE Analysis
Analyze user perception of video performance based on video-centric QoE metrics
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Gaming QoE Analysis
Analyze critical gaming QoE metrics
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VoIP and VoLTE QoE Analysis
Analyze the delivered QoE for high-value voice traffic
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Cyber Threat Analysis and Management
Identify, quantify and protect subscriber quality of experience from cyber threats
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