Chief Solutions Officer Samir Marwaha discusses with Light Reading Editor-in-Chief Phil Harvey the ways in which App QoE can lead service providers to more profitable and equitable business models.

Six Trends that are discussed:

  • How much traffic are the top-6 OTT titans generating, and what are the hottest categories of apps across health, education, and entertainment (i.e., streaming video, gaming, sports betting, etc); the size of growing iOS and Google app marketplaces; and the truth about CSPs and 5G.

  • Personas within Service Providers and the ‘5Ws’ they have to ask about – overview of how App QoE insights and data will help CTO and teams for Capacity Planning & Engineering, Operations, Big Data teams, and Customer Care.

  • Increasing complexity of apps, with a mashup of different content types an app consumes, such as streaming video, video conferencing, file transfers, gaming, and so many more.

  • What does the App QoE ‘Journey’ look like? Why it’s important to identify the high-tonnage apps and their QoE, plus the low-latency and high-availability apps that also carry different QoE burdens (IoT sensors, monitors, security cameras) and impacts on upstream and downstream traffic.

  • Getting more ROI from CAPEX deployment- How to convert losses into wins for more balanced profit-and-loss statements and better margins. This requires that networks be designed for user experience rather than just bandwidth. How to plan better for the apps and content within those apps that are affecting QoE for the most users.

  • How to reduce OPEX by mitigating or removing reliance on routers and router ports and looking more toward next-gen analysis, intelligence-driven insights that tell you when problems are a network or app-specific problem to better inform resolution. Once QoE targets hit consistently, then moving toward more innovative monetization strategies based on consistent, intelligent decision making.