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Unique intelligence from Sandvine’s installed based of 2.1B subscribers worldwide

San Jose, Calif., 2 October 2018 – Sandvine, a leading provider of Network Intelligence solutions, has announced the release of the 1H 2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report.

The Global Internet Phenomena Report is the authoritative view on how applications are consuming the world’s internet bandwidth. With an installed base of over 2.1B subscribers worldwide across over 150 Tier 1 and Tier 2 fixed, mobile, WiFi, and satellite operators, Sandvine’s visibility into internet trends is unparalleled in the industry. This edition of the report reports on total volume of traffic for over 5300 distinct application signatures that are part of the Sandvine solutions, and highlights the trends that are driving bandwidth consumption worldwide.

Commenting on the report, Lyn Cantor, President and CEO at Sandvine, said: “Our business model is based on being ‘the best’ telco network data analytics company and providing our customers with use cases to understand, optimize, and manage subscriber quality of experience. Our goal with this report is to inform the global community on the ‘Internet Phenomena’ we live in every day, and to expose challenges and opportunities to build a more collaborative eco-system, improving the connected experiences for subscribers.”

Some highlights from this edition of the report include:

  • Video is almost 58% of the total downstream volume of traffic on the internet.
  • Netflix is 15% of the total downstream volume of traffic across the entire internet.
  • More than 50% of internet traffic is encrypted, and TLS 1.3 adoption is growing.
  • Gaming is becoming a significant force in traffic volume as gaming downloads, Twitch streaming, and professional gaming go mainstream.
  • BitTorrent is almost 22% of total upstream volume of traffic, and over 31% in EMEA alone.
  • Alphabet/Google applications make up over 40% of the total internet connections in APAC.
  • Spotlights on the traffic share leaders for video, social networking, messaging, audio streaming, and gaming.

These highlights and more will be shared in the full report, which is available now. Live webinars will be given at 10 a.m. EDT and 9 p.m. EDT to discuss the report, and replays will be available after the live event.

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