Excellent services, engaging in-store experiences

and a high level of customization are the criteria redefining the new retail landscape. To compete in this new environment, retailers are upending their business models. They are using their physical stores as a media and brand showcase to attract and engage customers with more personalized experiences, while browsing, and sales transactions are performed online. Automation is occurring at every level as augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and connected inventory and logistics introduce new network challenges including: 

  • Managing exponential traffic growth
  • Prioritizing business critical applications - point-of-sale, inventory systems, security video;
  • Influencing customer behavior with personalization - promotions, product placement, location, quality of experience); and
  • Enhancing security by blocking unauthorized or malicious traffic.

These challenges can be met by intelligent traffic management with an advanced, machine learning- powered traffic classification engine.


Retail solutions and use cases

Retail Networks
Manage traffic growth, prioritize business critical applications, influence customer behavior, and enhance security
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Fair Use & Congestion Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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Usage-based Services
Increase revenue by launching innovative service plans based on perceived value and user behavior
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  • Personalized customer experience and QoE
  • Improved security and fraud detection
  • Increased in-store productivity and online efficiency

Retail business models are being upended as the physical store becomes a personalized, customer experience-driven brand and media showcase, while transactions are performed online. Intelligent traffic management will be critical to retail success in this major transition.

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