Sandvine’s Intelligent Traffic Management solutions for enterprises

are powered by the industry’s most advanced application traffic detection and management technology. It is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Boosts organization productivity by improving performance of critical business applications
  • Delivers state-of-the-art, surgical traffic management to support organizational and business goals, advanced Quality of Experience (QoE) and network resource optimization
  • Provides full control of encrypted application traffic thanks to machine learning-powered traffic classification
  • Lowers operating costs with reduced support activities

The Intelligent Traffic Manager (ITM) is the foundation of these solutions. It is based on Sandvine’s Traffic Processing Platform, a hyper-scale traffic classification and management system which delivers all the essential packet processing capabilities for optimizing networks. It addresses fundamental challenges organizations face including:

  • Decreasing traffic visibility due to encryption
  • Poor application performance
  • Security threats

Intelligent Traffic Manager
Delivering network visibility, control, and management
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ITM Deployment


Moreover, the ITM is designed to help enterprises manage the exponential traffic volumes due to the proliferation of video content, increased content sharing, and bandwidth-intensive applications.

It provides best-in-class traffic classification capability and the contextual awareness for enterprises – application, device, location, and QoE – required for surgical traffic management policies.

Built with advanced machine learning functions, ITM employs multiple techniques to detect encrypted traffic behavior such as VoIP, video, and VPNs. In addition, ITM’s traffic classification capability can be further enhanced with ContentLogic, a multi-database categorization of Internet websites and IP addresses for web intelligence, advertising, and filtering.