Research and education networks are rapidly evolving

to meet the changing demands of students, faculty, staff, and guests. These users bring with them numerous different devices and applications for on-campus and remote learning and collaboration, global research projects, eSports, cloud gaming, and video streaming. As a result, there is a continuous need to manage petabytes of traffic, and to differentiate critical educational and research applications from casual applications, all while protecting devices and users from malicious traffic.

To meet these challenges, education IT and network administrators need intelligent traffic management tools that enable them to identify, classify, and actively manage traffic based on application priority, source (e.g. student, faculty, department, location) and network conditions. Moreover, solutions need machine learning and automation to support real-time response to network events.


Education solutions and use cases

Education Networks
Meet network growth, cyber security, decreasing traffic visibility, and shifting device and application usage challenges head on
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Enterprise Traffic Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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  • User experience management
  • Automated, real-time management of network resources for improved performance
  • Prioritization of critical applications
  • Traffic anomaly management – malicious

As virtual learning, global research, and eSports continue to grow more strategic to colleges and universities, intelligent traffic management is the solution network administrators need to manage user experience on and off campuses.

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