Enterprise Traffic Management

Networks are shared resources, so when too many people use a network at the same time, it becomes congested and slows down for all users. Congestion is becoming a bigger problem as more aspects of life, work, and learning go digital. This is especially true during peak traffic times, when new application releases or updates take place, or business process loads reach their highest points. Additionally, traffic patterns sometimes become highly asymmetrical, with peak downstream traffic growing faster than upstream, or vice versa.

Enterprises need a solution that helps them keep up with the dynamics of today’s networks and applications, without requiring additional capital or operational resources.

Sandvine's Enterprise Traffic Management solution combines traffic management with dynamic policies so that business-critical applications get what they need from the network without negatively impacting quality of experience for other applications. This solution enables enterprises to tailor congestion management to a broader set of conditions, and boosts organizational productivity by delivering optimal QoE with sophisticated network resource optimization.



With Enterprise Traffic Management, you can ensure that all users have fair access to network resources thereby improving the quality of experience (QoE) and maximizing productivity for all users:

  • Reduce CapEX
  • Maximize user productivity
  • Ensure critical business processes execute smoothly and swiftly
  • Reduce operating costs via automation

Enterprise Fair Usage and Congestion Management graphic