Sandvine Usage-Based Services

While mobile service providers are faced with flat profitability and significant network expansions around the corner, 5G comes with the opportunity to redefine service plans to increase profitability in generation networks.

Faced with multiple challenges when deploying new plans and data service offerings, operators need to have the following parameters in mind:

  • Market trends and market awareness
  • Competitive awareness
  • Subscriber needs and behaviors
  • Affordability

Unlimited data plans have been popular given the range of new mobile devices in the market. This one-size-fits-all approach has pushed most customers into one single bucket, leaving no room for service differentiation. Mobile service providers are then still competing on price. While power users may benefit from unlimited plans, light data users are served less.

Sandvine’s Usage-Based Services software module provides a foundation for any innovative and personalized service plan, bringing more value to users and increasing profitability for service providers.

With Usage-Based Services, service providers can offer volume or time based quotas with fair usage policies to manage traffic on constrained networks while staying compliant to regulatory standards and privacy laws.


Here are some benefits to implementing Sandvine's Usage-Based Services:

  • Speed Tiers: By implementing plans with differentiated speeds, service providers can offer up to unlimited bandwidth for part of the billing period or the whole quota allowance, even on unlimited plans.
  • Speed Pass: In combination with speed tiers, service providers can improve ARPU by offering their subscribers to top-up their plans with additional speed passes.
  • Bolt-Ons: These allow service providers to offer the customer the ability to buy more data as needed.

Usage-Based Services Graphic

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