Internet Traffic Encryption

There is a growing trend on the Internet, with more and more applications beginning to encrypt their traffic in order to protect a subscriber’s content from prying eyes.

Sandvine believes that encrypting traffic to protect subscriber privacy is a good thing, and while there has been a lot of talk on how information on the Internet can be hidden or guarded, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding on the topic.

The information below serves as a means for both subscribers and operators to better understand encrypted traffic and the methods used to identify Internet traffic.


Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Encrypted Internet Traffic

Encrypted Internet Traffic: A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight

In this report, Sandvine uses data collected from networks in North America, Europe, and Latin America to explain the current state of traffic encryption, make predictions on where it is going, as well as provide a high level overview of the technical terms and technology associated with encrypted Internet traffic.

Some notable points from the research include:

  • A forecast that 70% of global Internet traffic will be encrypted in 2016, with many networks exceeding 80%
  • North American fixed networks have the lowest share of encrypted traffic, globally, thanks to the popularity of streaming video applications which are not fully encrypted
  • Netflix, the leading source of North American traffic has begun to transition towards delivering encrypted video in select web browsers, although over 90% of their traffic remains unencrypted
  • Over two-thirds of traffic on fixed access networks in Europe and Latin America is already encrypted thanks to the popularity of sites like YouTube and Facebook


Preparing Your Network for the Encrypted Internet

Join Don Bowman, Sandvine’s CTO, as he discusses encryption, the impact it will have on network operators around the world, and how Sandvine’s solutions are uniquely capable of overcoming the challenges posed by an encrypted Internet.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What encryption is, and what it is not
  • The challenges presented by encryption
  • What you need to do to prepare for an encrypted Internet
Watch Webinar

Podcast: Encryption 101

In Episode 2 of Sandvine’s Internet Phenomena Podcast, Dan Deeth is joined by Don Bowman, Sandvine’s CTO, to talk about all things encryption.

Sandvine Technology Showcase: Internet Traffic Classification

Sandvine Technology Showcase

Internet Traffic Classification

This Technology Showcase provides real-world examples on how you can identify encrypted and obfuscated Internet traffic with the flexibility and versatility of SandScript, Sandvine's unique policy definition language.

  • Learn How to Address Encryption, Obfuscation, and Proxies: Understand how Sandvine's SandScript policy definition language allows CSPs to combine and apply a wide range of traffic identification techniques to effectively identify encrypted and obfuscated traffic.
  • Gain a Technical Foundation of Traffic Classification: Understand how Sandvine's traffic classification technology addresses additional technical considerations, including identifying encapsulated and/or tunneled traffic, overcoming routing asymmetry, achieving stateful awareness, and correlating across flows and session.
  • Gain Insight into Powerful Traffic Identification Techniques: Learn more about Sandvine's three main traffic identification techniques that empower our unique SandScript policy definition language: signatures, trackers, and analyzers.


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