Congestion Management with QualityGuard

Managing Network Congestion

Network congestion occurs when demand for a resource exceeds that resource’s capacity. Congestion management equates to achieving cost-savings while preserving subscriber QoE. These dual objectives are often contradictory, and a balance must be struck.

Many factors must be considered when evaluating solutions, including the regulatory environment. Generally, to be compatible with the spirit of network neutrality, a congestion management solution:

  • Must be narrowly tailored
  • Must have a proportional and reasonable effect
  • Must serve a legitimate technical need

A complete congestion management solution has two functional components:

  • A mechanism to manage the impact of congestion
  • A mechanism to trigger the management policies

Only by linking an accurate trigger with precise management can a CSP ensure that the goals of congestion management are achieved.

Sandvine QualityGuard

QualityGuard is a closed-loop dynamic control system for network congestion management that automatically measures access resource latency in real-time and continuously works to provide the optimum output to provide good QoE to the vast majority of attached subscribers.

QualityGuard performs the following two main functions:

  1. Automatically detects congestion by measuring real-time subscriber QoE via aRTT latency
  2. Automatically removes or prevents congestion by shaping traffic until achieving a maximum throughput rate just short of the point where the access resource would slide into congestive collapse, which can be thought of as the “target goodput”

QualityGuard is the most effective means of achieving a perfect balance between cost-savings through the extension of access resource lifetime and the preservation of good QoE for the vast majority of subscribers during times of congestion.


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