Real-Time Network Traffic Forensics

Network operators need to be able to troubleshoot real- time data traffic based on customer support complaints.

A solution is needed that provides:

  • drill down to single session
  • from within all data traffic
  • in Real-time in the desktop
  • maintaining contextual subscriber association
  • fully customizable to filter traffic.


Figure 1

Networks are complex and troubleshooting is hard - if not impossible - without the right tools.


LiveView within the Procera solution is able to filter through all traffic in real-time, providing a powerful tool to the network engineer in order to troubleshoot any suspicious traffic. Using LiveView, engineers build a specific view to filter out application traffic , such as Gmail, and monitor it in real-time to get to the root of a problem. They can single out one flow that is failing and another that is working, and for instance spot that they are routed over different AS paths.

To get a measure of the size of the problem, engineers can set up logic in LiveView to summarize the connection attempts to Gmail split by AS path, indicating that there are a large number of connection attempts failing via one specific peering partner.

Impact and Results

Solve network problems quickly and reduce resolution time on support trouble tickets with real-time access to all data in the network. With LiveView engineers can drill-down to individual subscriber YouTube flows or to individual subscriber iMessage flow to see messages sent/received (estimate). Or breakdown of Google URLs by base service type to analyze SPDY usage - all details are shown and in real-time.

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