Differentiated offerings co-operating with OTT

An Operator can separate out Over-the-Top Applications and create separate rating information accodingly. For instance, in order to differentiate their offerings, an operator may want to provide free access to streaming media to all their post paid subscribers. Other examples include removing charges for any surfing to facebook and partnering internet.org companies, or removing usage monitoring for video traffic below a certain bit-rate.

Figure 1

Deployment diagram for zero rating architecture


With Procera PacketLogic Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solution deployed in the network the operator will be able to separate traffic. With up to date DPI the solution is capable of identifying the streaming services’ traffic and create separate data records on usage to be forwarded to billing. However, often the detection of the traffic is more complex than it seems at first. For instance, a music service is more than just streaming audio traffic; there is a login and validation process, play-list downloads, cover album graphics etc, all of which need to be be included and counted to make the music service work.

Impact and Results

With Deep Packet Inspection solution to Zero-Rating the operator can successfully rate all traffic that belongs to a service, not the media alone, towards the zero-price-plan. The accuracy will be greater and with weekly signature updates operators can be assured to be up to date. For the operator this means unique differentiated offerings in the market.

Figure 2

A music service is much more than streaming audio traffic alone.

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