Business Intelligence

Get to Know Your Subscribers and Your Network, to Make Informed Decisions

Communications service providers (CSPs) make important strategic decisions every day—What new services should we explore? Where should capital investments go? Should we introduce more CDNs?—and Sandvine has a long history of providing the critical insight on which informed decisions are based.

With Sandvine, you can measure what matters—including volume, time, events, and even video and web browsing subscriber quality of experience—and consume the data however you want: in our Network Demographics reporting interface, our Network Analytics dashboards, or your own big data and customer experience management (CEM) systems.

With this information, you won’t find yourself wondering what’s happening on your network ever again—you’ll know with certainty.

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Example Use Cases

To give you some more ideas, here is a selection of use cases that begin to show the breadth of our business intelligence capabilities.

Customer Experience Management

Access the data you need to manage all aspects of the customer journey to increase loyalty, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

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Big Data

Make data-driven decisions with insight into key subscriber, device, and application behaviors on the network.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into network behaviors to diagnose and troubleshoot the network.

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Data Records

Find the missing pieces of your big data puzzle with a solution that delivers highly flexible and customizable data records in real-time.

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Roaming Services

Provide travelers with affordable, innovative options and protect them against bill-shock.

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Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Find and diagnose issues on the network before they become larger problems with real-time visibility into network behaviors.

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Quality of Experience (QoE)

Understand factors affecting subscriber QoE including VoIP, Video, and Website QoE.

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Discover the unique characteristics of devices that are being used to share their mobile Internet connection with other devices.

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Device Recognition

Boost your understanding of device-specific behaviors on your fixed and mobile network.

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Gain insight into the factors affecting VoLTE QoE and understand where improvements can be made.

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Business Intelligence with Sandvine

A Keynote Presentation

In this 15 minute overview, Matthew Trushinski discusses how Sandvine can help CSPs make informed business decisions in the era of big data with unique measurements, easy-to-use reporting, powerful analytics, and configurable data records.

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