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Our solutions make networks more efficient, enable service differentiation, rationalize disparate data sources, and increase profit margins. With 2.5 billion network users across more than 160 major operators and 500 enterprises benefiting from using Sandvine as their network intelligence innovator and partner, Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence is powering the next wave of network transformation, including cloud, encryption, and internet phenomena.

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Avoiding the Stall
An Operator’s Guide to Video QoE
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Global Internet Phenomena
The authoritative view on how applications are consuming the world’s internet bandwidth
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Solution Areas
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Automate with intent
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QoE-centric network intelligence
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Run profitable, high QoE networks
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Grow revenue by rapidly deploying innovative services
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Identify revenue loss from fraud, piracy, and misconfigurations
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Comply with changing regulations with the most efficient network-based solutions
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End-to-end application clarity and network control for OTT 2.0