Best Practices for Zero-Rating and Sponsored Data Plans under Net Neutrality

An Industry Whitepaper

Innovative Internet offerings are rapidly emerging, globally. Many of these offerings use zero-rating (unlimited usage of certain applications or content are bundled “for free” into data plans) and sponsored data (a third-party pays for certain data usage, like an Internet toll-free call) techniques to achieve the innovation.

While many early innovators were in emerging markets, increasingly we are seeing innovation occur in developed markets where Network Neutrality rules have been well defined or are very nearly finalized. Over time, these rules will be tested to determine their more precise meaning.

This whitepaper explores real-world examples of operators using zero-rating and sponsored data to effect service differentiation all over the world, and describes how these innovative plans may be adapted to lower the risk of Network Neutrality concerns.

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Zero-Rating and Sponsored Data under Net Neutrality

Sandvine’s solutions have powered innovative subscriber plans featuring zero-rating and sponsored data in emerging, global markets for years. Now, similar plans are starting to appear in North America. But how can you implement those plans successfully within regional concepts of Network Neutrality?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Best practices for zero-rating
  • Best practices for sponsored data
  • How to innovate within the spirit of Network Neutrality
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UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:37:50