TCP Accelerator

Take Your Network to the Next Level by Taking Control of TCP

Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator allows communications service providers (CSPs) to dramatically improve network efficiency and subscriber quality of experience (QoE), without making changes to the network infrastructure.

In today’s networks, TCP’s very nature causes problems:

  • When additional bandwidth is available, TCP may not be fast enough
  • When too little bandwidth is available, TCP may be too fast
  • When there are many concurrent TCP connections, the collection as a whole behaves inefficiently

For CSPs, these problems have two significant consequences:

  1. Network efficiency is harmed, causing performance on return on investment to fall below expectations
  2. Subscribers are dissatisfied, due to poor application quality of experience


TCP Accelerator has a number of benefits for communications service providers, including:

Increased Network Performance

Higher ratio of goodput to throughput, better resource utilization, reduced retransmissions, and extended legacy infrastructure lifetimes.

Improved Subscriber QoE

Faster data transmissions and increased application performance lead to measurably, consistently better subscriber quality of experience.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Subscribers tend to use more data when they are enjoying faster, more reliable connections.

Rapid ROI

More efficient resource utilization defers capital, and lets access network resources run ‘hotter’ without compromising QoE.

“Sandvine has an end-to-end network policy solution that helps us quickly recognize opportunities for new subscriber services, rapidly deploy them, and then improve the quality of experience for all subscribers.”

- Thomas Mazejian, Information Systems Manager, VivaCell-MTS

Engineered for Today’s Networks

When Additional Bandwidth Is Available

TCP Accelerator ensures TCP doesn’t become a bottleneck by accelerating the slow-start phase and by making sure there is always enough data ready to be served.

When Too Little Bandwidth Is Available 

TCP Accelerator reduces effective latency by preventing bufferbloat in access network resources.

By transparently bridging the access network with the transit network, TCP Accelerator is in a position to manage all the network’s TCP connections as a collective whole, to ensure maximum efficiency.

TCP Optimization: Opportunities, KPIs, and Considerations

By truly understanding the ways in which TCP performance can be optimized, the KPIs by which these optimizations can be measured, and the related considerations, a CSP will be in a position to make an informed decision and choose the most suitable solution.

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Improving Network Efficiency and Subscriber QoE with TCP Acceleration

TCP acceleration allows communications service providers (CSPs) to dramatically improve network efficiency and subscriber quality of experience (QoE), without making changes to the network infrastructure.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Increase network performance for any access network
  • Improve subscriber quality of experience
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Drive rapid ROI
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Success Story: Free Mobile Maximizes the Subscriber Experience

In 2014, leading French network operator Free Mobile deployed TCP acceleration to increase data transfer speeds, improve subscriber quality of experience (QoE), and improve network efficiency.

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Success Story: VivaCell-MTS Optimizes Subscriber Traffic

VivaCell-MTS relies on Sandvine to execute a comprehensive traffic optimization strategy. This approach—which optimizes TCP performance and precisely manages congestion—improves network performance and ensures a great subscriber quality of experience (QoE).

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