Grow revenue, increase loyalty, and reduce operating expenses by engaging with all of your subscribers, on any device, in real-time

Sandvine OutReach provides fixed, mobile, and converged access communications service providers (CSPs) with a single product to build, execute, and manage personalized multi-channel subscriber engagement initiatives.

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With OutReach, CSPs can rapidly implement a wide variety of valuable subscriber engagement use cases:

  • Notifications and Promotions: Deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel
  • Subscriber Self-Service: Empower subscribers to manage their own services and to carry out automated workflows
  • Marketplaces: Leverage your billing relationships and provide subscribers access to digital content and even physical goods

Importantly, OutReach lets you manage and execute these subscriber engagement activities across many channels:

  • Portals: Create personalized portals that provide real utility and keep subscribers coming back
  • Mobile Apps: Build loyalty with your own branded mobile apps for general and specific use cases
  • In-Browser Engagement: Deliver messages and interact within the browser, while the subscriber is active
  • Out-of-Band Engagement: Provide utility and create engagement on older devices

“Our customers are switching to smartphones and want to use them to access as many services as possible. This partnership will make it easier for them to access all kinds of new content such as music streaming and sports apps. It’s a key part of our strategy to provide a digital lifestyle and promote stronger customer loyalty with valued services and attractive bundles.”

- David Gilarranz Berner. Global Head of Digital, Millicom

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The OutReach Difference

Nothing else is quite like OutReach, because OutReach combines a number of unique features and characteristics to enable complete, end-to-end subscriber engagement:

  • Inline Capabilities: traffic intersection and redirection, and content injection
  • Cloud-based Content Management: define, manage, and host your engagement content in the cloud
  • Subscriber Awareness: benefit from the Sandvine platform’s implicit subscriber awareness
  • Policy Control: link your engagement activities to real-time network policy control actions
  • Device Support: a comprehensive library of more than 20,000 supported devices

SmartService App

SmartService App

Put the Power of Personalization and Choice in the Hands of Subscribers

A feature set of OutReach, SmartService App is a mobile Internet storefront application designed for dispensing bite-size mobile data services for an Internet experience that’s completely customizable by the subscriber.

SmartService App is like having a personal vending machine for the mobile Internet—literally—in the palm of your hand. While Internet storefronts are particularly effective in emerging markets that are nearly or entirely prepaid, SmartService App can also be used in mature markets to provide a self-care application service to subscribers for self-directed management of their mobile account.

Proven in the Real World

OutReach has proven itself in the real-world, by powering many of the world’s most innovative subscriber engagement deployments, including:

Millicom gives subscribers access to subscription over-the-top (OTT) services and digital content that’s otherwise unavailable or difficult to acquire.

Smart delivered the world’s first mobile Internet store, allowing subscribers to choose the perfect bite-size data bundle.

GCI knows that informed subscribers are happy subscribers, so they introduced an app to keep subscribers up-to-date on their mobile data usage.

Technology Showcase: OutReach Experience Manager

The OutReach Experience Manager provides you with everything you need to build stunning device-specific subscriber interfaces and to manage your multi-channel communications campaigns. This paper explains some of the most important functions and features.

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Becoming a Digital Service Provider

Digitalization is inevitable. Millennial customers around the world have grown up with beautiful user interfaces, best-in-class digital service platforms and stunning digital ad campaigns. Due to these experiences, subscribers now expect much more from digital interactions than ever before. To meet the rising tide of digital expectations, communications service providers (CSPs) need to transform into Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

In this session, we’ll provide an overview on how a CSP can complete the digital transformation journey.

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