Network Security

Protect Your Reputation, Subscribers, and Infrastructure

Sandvine’s Network Security product delivers carrier-grade protection of subscribers and network resources at scale, with the flexibility to be deployed as a virtualized system, and advanced network threat deception capabilities that materially increase the costs of malicious network activities for the actor making an attack on the network or subscribers less economically feasible.

With capabilities provided through three unique feature sets: Network ProtectionSubscriber Protection, and Web Content Intelligence, Sandvine’s Network Security product enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to address a wide array of network threats, infections, and vulnerabilities, while delivering the following benefits:

Lower Support Costs

Reduce support calls and retain existing subscribers by blocking attack traffic, infection rates, and harmful content, and by initiating stateful remediation workflows

Valuable Insight

Understand the threat landscape with detailed historic and real-time cyber security threat reporting

Create Differentiation

Offer value-added ‘secure pipes’ services

Regulatory Compliance

Quickly and cost-effectively comply with filtering regulations

How Network Security Works

Network Protection

Protect your network infrastructure and subscribers from online threats, and build a network that fights back.

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Subscriber Protection

Reduce the number of support calls, protect QoE, notify subscribers of threats, and stop them in real-time.

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Web Content Intelligence

Deliver web filtering and other value-added security services to your subscribers and business customers.

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Secure Pipes with Network Security

This paper provides a comprehensive guide to Sandvine’s ‘secure pipes’ solution for CSPs – our Network Security product.

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