Network Demographics

Out-of-the-Box Reporting: Powerful, Flexible & Configurable

Included at no extra cost to all Sandvine solution deployments, Network Demographics exposes network measurements through a flexible, intuitive reporting interface to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with right-time information and insight. Network Demographics includes a range of powerful features to simplify and expedite information retrieval:

  • Infinite Reports: in addition to more than 200 out-of-the-box reports, the Report Template Wizard allows for simple report creation based on any defined SandScript policy measurement
  • Powerful Configuration: every report features a massive range of configuration options, so even a single ‘report’ has countless variations
  • Report Scheduling: increase the flow of information across the organization by scheduling customized and predefined reports to be automatically sent to functional teams based on any frequency and timing you specify
  • Exceptional Visuals & Graphics: an intuitive, web-based GUI and vivid graphics ensure information can be quickly accessed and clearly presented
  • Extreme granularity: get an aggregate view, drill-down on specific network resources or examine individual subscriber usage with unparalleled insight
  • Simplified Data Export: a flexible set of web Services APIs (SOAP/XML) simplify data extraction for integration with and use by third-party systems

Answering the Questions that Others Can’t

The rich reports provided by Network Demographics are used by hundreds of CSPs worldwide to keep critical operations and engineering teams informed about network activity and performance. Increasingly, those same teams are tasked with providing information to other roles within the organization, and scheduled reports offer a great hands-off mechanism to increase information flow between functional teams without compromising subscriber privacy.

Only Network Demographics links the industry’s most powerful traffic classification technology with the industry’s most customizable reporting interface – that’s how Network Demographics answers questions that others can’t. Check out the Network Demographics: Product Overview to find out how operators just like you are creating their own perfect reports.

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