Cloud Services Policy Controller

Enables system integrators, VARs, managed and communications service providers to stand out in the market, increase loyalty, and grow revenue by powering differentiated policy control-based services

The View, Control, and Protect capabilities of Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller enable the delivery of differentiated services that offer a compelling value proposition to businesses: they make important solutions available in a manner that is affordable and doesn’t require IT expertise.

Achieve Service Differentiation

The Cloud Services Policy Controller lets you efficiently address many business verticals simultaneously with one approach to service differentiation:

  • “View” services provide traffic and usage insight, diagnostics, and real-time and historical reporting
  • “Control” services enable application performance management and productivity controls
  • “Protect” services protect users from malware, botnet infections, known phishing sites, and more

Leverage a Virtualized Platform

The Cloud Services Policy Controller is a completely virtualized platform, built upon the foundation of next-generation networking (software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) standards). This same framework enables on-demand, elastic provisioning for maximally efficient use of cloud resources.

Benefit from Simple Configuration

No on-device software. No on-premises hardware.

The Cloud Services Policy Controller ensures simple configuration by providing integration APIs and a self‐serve web interface for the end user; these interfaces abstract the advanced network policy control technology at the heart of the system. To further ensure interoperability, the platform integrates to provisioning systems, customer‐premises equipment (CPE) devices, and other Ethernet access devices (EADs).

Power the Connected Business

Sandvine's Cloud Services Policy Controller lets CSPs deliver fixed and mobile business services that stand out in the market, deliver great value, and contribute to churn reduction. The reality of most business services is that once a contract is up, the business seeks the lowest price from any supplier – it’s a classic race to zero.

Gives business customers access to real-time usage and historical reports

Moves beyond connectivity by providing businesses with application-level control over their traffic

Protects users from malware, botnet infections, known phishing sites, and more

What Do Your Business Customers See?

Your fixed and mobile business customers gain access to an informative portal that shows a diagnostic dashboard and historical reports and lets them simply manage their policies by toggling on or off settings.

Office and Site Network Management

View Tab

Delivers application performance monitoring and insight into business traffic by user, site, application, VoIP MOS, and more

Control Tab

Delivers application performance management to businesses through policy schedules, notifications, threshold alerts, and toggle management of application-level productivity controls

Mobile Data Management

Enables businesses to manage and secure their employees’ domestic and international mobile data usage

Cloud Services for the Business Market: A Webinar Series

This multi-part webinar series examines network management challenges facing modern IT departments and how real-time application awareness, network policy control, and cloud technologies can help businesses better understand the delivery and performance of critical applications on their network to improve quality of experience and reduce network and IT operations costs.

Understanding Application Performance

In part one, learn how to maximize the quality of experience for business critical applications.

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Deploying Resource Management and Productivity Controls

In part two, learn how to dynamically create and apply productivity controls or prioritize critical applications on the network.

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Introducing Network Services to Your Cloud Marketplace

In part three, learn how to dynamically add network services like analytics-as-a service or control-as-a-service through a cloud marketplace.

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