Service Delivery Engine (SDE)

Sandvine’s standards-compliant PCRF brings universal policy control and the power of the Sandvine Policy Engine to the control plane of any fixed, mobile, or converged network

The Service Delivery Engine (SDE) places the Sandvine Policy Engine in the network’s control plane, and provides the interfaces necessary to implement network policy control use cases in any access network, with any combination of access technologies and solution vendors.

As your use cases grow and evolve over time, you need a platform that can keep pace. Sandvine’s unified policy engine lets you link any condition to any action in real-time, for endless extensibility—with none of the rules limits imposed by other solutions.

Communications service providers (CSPs) around the world have used Sandvine’s SDE to power innovative subscriber service plans and to fulfill other policy control needs.

Universal Policy Control with the SDE

The SDE enables innovative subscriber services and consistent policy control in any network, with any combination of access technologies.

Universal Policy Control

With extensive standards support and proven interoperability with B/OSS solutions and third-party PCEF elements, the SDE is your single point of policy definition and coordination.

Sandvine PCRF Generalized Deployment Diagram

Rapidly Introduce New Subscriber Services

Worldwide, we have enabled more than 100 subscriber services deployments. These solutions are characterized by quick time-to-market, first-in-the-world milestones, prestigious industry awards, and predictable solution behavior. Whether you use the SDE’s available PCRF, a third-party PCRF, or no PCRF at all, by choosing the Service Delivery Engine you will benefit from:

  • Sandvine Policy Engine: spanning both the control plane and the data plane (in the PTS), our Policy Engine means that policy is defined once in SandScript and is seamlessly and consistently applied
  • SandScript: much more than the typical rules-based systems that severely restrict the user and cannot execute orthogonal policy conditions, SandScript allow freeform policy expression to links any condition with any action
  • ServiceDesigner: a dedicated interface within Control Center that lets users quickly design and deploy powerful subscriber services by dragging-and-dropping service features and bolt-ons
  • Subscriber and Session Awareness: even in a network in which subscribers have multiple IP addresses, multiple sessions per IP address, and overlapping IP addresses, the SDE ensures billing and charging accuracy
  • Broad Interface Support: the SDE enables interaction with Sandvine and third-party elements and systems, so subscriber services are agnostic of the access technologies and vendors present in the network
  • Extensive Interoperability Testing: proven compatibility through real-world deployments and interoperability testing of Gx and Gy interfaces with all leading PCC vendors
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