Service Delivery Engine (SDE)

Universal Policy Control in the Control Plane

The Service Delivery Engine (SDE)—Sandvine’s Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)—places the Sandvine Policy Engine in the network’s control plane, and provides the interfaces necessary to implement network policy control use cases in any access network, with any combination of access technologies and solution vendors.

As your use cases grow and evolve over time, you need a platform that can keep pace. Sandvine’s unified policy engine lets you link any condition to any action in real-time, for endless extensibility—with none of the rules limits imposed by other solutions.

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SDE Deployment Characteristics

The Sandvine Policy Engine

The Sandvine Policy Engine is the brain of our platform, and is the foundation of all of our policy control solutions. It lets you realize your business objectives by linking any set of conditions to any set of actions, in real-time. Information about measured conditions and provisioned subscriber entitlements flows into the Policy Engine, and charging updates, management actions, and business intelligence data emerge.

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“Sandvine’s NFV-ready, innovative solutions help Bakcell to meet mobile broadband market challenges by supporting the rapid deployment of new and innovative service plans, increasing service quality, improving customer experience, and simplifying subscription management."

- Yigit Berktash, CTO, Bakcell

PCRF Specifications for Policy and Charging Control

With extensive standards support and proven interoperability with B/OSS solutions and third-party PCEF elements, the SDE is your single point of policy definition and coordination.

Any Access

Deploy in any combination of FTTX, DSL, Cable, Satellite, WiFi, WiMAX, 2G, 3G, LTE, 5G.


The horizontal and vertical scalability your network needs for today and tomorrow.

Standards Support

3GPP, IETF, CableLabs (e.g., DOCSIS/PCMM), Broadband Forum, DSL Forum, 5G Infrastructure Association, W3C, etc.

Subscriber Awareness

Enable subscriber-aware policy control by making subscriber information, session details, and related subscriber attributes available to other Sandvine elements.

Generic Diameter client interface
Generic Diameter server interface
Collect usage data from and signal enforcement to PCEFs
Accept QoS requests from Application Functions (AFs)
Receive usage notifications from an online charging system (OCS) to signal alerts and enforcements
Send and receive enforcement and QoS to and from foreign networks
Signal to CMTS units to set QoS gates
Collect IP Detail Records and IP usage records from CMTS units to gain subscriber location, IP address, and data usage per service class
Request subscriber profile information from LDAP servers; also utilized within the Sp and Ud reference points
Create arbitrary, configurable-format records (e.g., UDRs, EDRs)
Send change of authorization (CoA), disconnect, and arbitrary RADIUS messages to RADIUS endpoints
Receive RADIUS messages for use in subscriber mapping or accounting
Receive DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 packets for use in subscriber mapping
Send DHCP lease queries for subscriber session reconciliation
Receive GTP-Cv1 and GTP-Cv2 messages for subscriber mapping in 3G and LTE
Interact with third-party systems for exchange of information and to trigger events:
  • as a client: allows the SDE to signal to other systems
  • as a server: allows other systems to signal the SDE to perform policy actions
Allows for learning subnets from the network, to be used for PCMM routing
Allows CSV text input (file or streaming) to push additional information into the SDE

Control Center

Accelerate Your Service Innovation with ServiceDesigner

Control Center is Sandvine’s unified policy and element management graphical user interface, and provides a single mechanism for monitoring operational information, editing network policies, configuring elements, and deploying network policy control solutions.

Tomorrow’s hot app or new service request can show up without warning, and you need to be able to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and to respond to competitive threats. ServiceDesigner, a feature within Control Center, lets you define, modify, and deploy subscriber services to the network in minutes.

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Service Delivery Engine: Overview

Bring subscriber and network services to life in any fixed, mobile, or converged access environment with the world’s most powerful universal policy controller (i.e., PCRF).

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