Sandvine Virtual Series

An Elastically-Scalable Virtual Network Function for SDN- and NFV-Ready Networks

Supporting industry and open standards, the Sandvine Virtual Series delivers Sandvine’s powerful Policy Engine, PCEF, and PCRF as an elastically-scalable virtual network function for SDN- and NFV-ready networks.

For Sandvine and our customers, virtualization technology extends our network policy control deployment options, enabling exciting new use cases and extending our proven solutions to new environments. The Sandvine Virtual Series enables CSPs to enjoy all the features of the traditional Sandvine platform while benefiting from the elasticity and efficiency of running virtual machines on off-the-shelf hardware. With this model, deployments scale up or down as needed, in lock-step with demand.

Deployment Versatility through Openness and Standards Support

The Sandvine Virtual Series provides hassle-free integration with standard SDN and NFV architectures:


Deploying the Sandvine Virtual Series

The Sandvine Policy Engine is the world’s most versatile and powerful network policy control platform, and is the foundation of all Sandvine solutions. Our Policy Engine can be thought of as a black box into which information about measured conditions and provisioned subscriber entitlements flow, and out of which charging updates, management actions, and business intelligence emerge. The Policy Engine spans both the data plane and control plane, embedded within Sandvine’s PCEF/TDF and PCRF elements, and interacts with the B/OSS plane and remote enforcement points using standard interfaces:

Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) Virtual Series

Embedding Intelligence in the Data Plane for Maximum Performance

The PTS uses deep-packet inspection (DPI) technology to identify and measure traffic, relies on the Sandvine Policy Engine to make local policy decisions and apply enforcement actions, and provides real-time measurements and interfaces for online charging; put simply, the PTS functions as an ultra-intelligent PCEF/TDF that scales to meet the demands of the world’s largest networks.

Service Delivery Engine (SDE)

Enabling Standards Compliant Policy Control in Multi-Access Networks

The SDE is a complete PCRF (including a 3GPP Release 11-compliant Gx interface) that also performs vital control plane functions including real-time subscriber provisioning and session mapping. Running virtually on standard servers, the SDE works together with the PTS to provide unified network policy control within multivendor and multi-access networks.

Inside The PTS

Inside the SDE

Our architecture also includes the Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB), which is an embedded database that provides long-term storage for comprehensive business intelligence insight, without requiring any database administration.

In a virtualized network, Sandvine’s platform elements deploy as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that scale independently; that is, the number of distinct PTS instances, SDE instances, and Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB) instances increase or decrease dynamically and separately in response to demand.


Deploying the Sandvine Virtual Series

Deploying the Sandvine Virtual Series
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