Your Innovation Interface

ServiceDesigner is a dedicated interface within Control Center that lets users quickly design and deploy powerful subscriber services.

Closely linked to the Sandvine Policy Engine and Service Delivery Engine (SDE), the ServiceDesigner tool enables multi-network, access-agnostic service innovation:

  • ServiceDesigner couples with Sandvine’s Usage Management product to form a comprehensive service innovation toolkit, complete with a service definition and deployment interface; quota management, service tiering and bolt-on capabilities; record generation and policy control solutions that are agnostic of access technologies and vendors.
  • ServiceDesigner lets communications service providers (CSPs) utilize the PCRF capabilities of the SDE, and the PCEF/TDF capabilities of the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) or any other PCEF that accepts Gx for policy enforcement.

The clear interface, in which services are constructed with functional blocks and configurable parameters, removes many of the traditional barriers to service innovation. Free to innovate at the pace of subscriber demand, CSPs can now act decisively to seize market opportunities, achieve competitive differentiation, and quickly respond to competitive threats.

Control Center ServiceDesigner Interface

Key Benefits of ServiceDesigner

ServiceDesigner lets you define, modify, deploy subscriber services to the network in minutes, leading to a number of important benefits:

  • Shortened Time to Market: rapidly innovate and immediately reap the revenue rewards
  • Reduced Implementation Costs: quickly define and introduce a unique range of high-value subscriber services that are access-agnostic, and deploy them network wide
  • Increased Competitive Agility: respond to competitive threats, differentiate in the marketplace, and dictate the playing field
  • New Revenue Streams: introduce a range of services and bolt-ons to target mass market segments and high-value niches

Build a New Service in Minutes

The Plan Editor lets you build a new service plan in record time. Here’s how to build a “Rockin’ Roamer” plan:

  1. Choose which subscriber category will have access to the plan (e.g., business, residential, etc.), so that you can easily manage and view your plans.
  2. Drag-and-drop the features you want to include in the plan. For a “Rockin’ Roamer”, you might consider Default QoS, Roaming download and upload speeds, and a Roaming Quota.
  3. Set the parameters for your features. If you want to include bolt-on options, drag-and-drop them and configure the parameters just as you did with the core features.

Roaming Plan Use Case

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