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Speakers: VP of Product Management Chris Stocker and Senior Product Marketing Manager Trish Crompton

Apps are everywhere in our lives, permeating our personal and professional lives, our institutions and our societies. But networks built for network “tonnage” of bandwidth is proving to be unsustainable. The time has come to build networks for Application Quality of Experience (App QoE), as telco brands are now inextricably tied to the experience consumers and enterprise perceive over networks. With the flood of OTT traffic from the Big 6 apps and providers that are creating sophisticated mashups of content and capabilities, the need for visibility and actionable insight has never been greater.

In this webinar, we show why App QoE is your brand. And, what you can do to optimize the experience associated with your brand.

See how App QoE-driven traffic classification, scoring, and drill downs into multi-endpoint apps can empower you to design networks to App QoE, rather than just to capacity. These abilities will become central to building profitable, equitable, and sustainable business models that innovate in the app era.

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