Terabit NFV

Breaking the Terabit Barrier

As announced on October 5, 2015, Sandvine, Dell®, and Intel®, using standards-based virtualization technologies, have achieved data plane performance scale and efficiency within a policy control virtual network function (VNF) that exceeds those of proprietary network appliances, with a performance benchmark achieving 1.1 Tbps of throughput.

Traditionally, the processing demands of network policy control (e.g., stateful packet processing, complex decision-making, etc.) required proprietary hardware solutions, but technology advances mean that virtualization now provides a commercially viable alternative.

Transitioning from a purpose-built, proprietary hardware component—a model in which a vendor likely controls every aspect—to a virtualized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) model is a formidable challenge. In the latter model, performance is dependent on various network elements and compute node density, and drivers and data plane acceleration capabilities vary by hardware manufacturer.

PTS Virtual Series: Breaking the Terabit Barrier

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Breaking the Terabit Barrier: A One Terabit per Second Policy Control Virtual Network Function

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Industry-Leading Performance

As you can see in the charts below, the PTS Virtual Series far surpasses the performance of existing competitive appliances. Learn more in the Technology Showcase above.

NFV.net: The NFV Leaders Forum

As of proud member of the NFV Leaders Forum, we will be posting a number of updates on NFV.net documenting the challenges and triumphs of breaking the 1 Tbps barrier. Learn more >

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